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How to Draw Hands for Character Design and Illustration

So you want to draw hands for your character illustrations and… Dang! It’s hard. But there are easy ways to look at a difficult problem.

Creating characters is not about accurate life drawing as a serious Artist – (capital A!).

Many characters only ever need one or two hand-shapes for a whole book or series. Practice those hands and you can soon be drawing them easily.

Even more complicated characters only ever need a small library of hand positions, so concentrate on learning those.

rashidrafsan6117  asked me – “can you make a video about drawing hands and heads.. I really love your art style.. I am struggling to come up with new character ideas and drawing hands.”

Hands are notoriously difficult to draw. They are so versatile, can take up an infinite number of positions and can be viewed from every angle too.

You really need to study hands and draw lots of them, but take heart. Characters are not primarily about art but about telling a story. Make that compelling and you can “get away” with learning to draw only a few hand positions and then learn new ones if you absolutely have to.

In this video I discuss hands drawn by great children’s book illustrators and then show basic hand construction and how you can learn to draw your own hands quite quickly.

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Draw action poses from simple stick figures – Here’s how for all artists

Every masterpiece begins with a stick figure drawing.

Real artists, yes even the really great ones, work out their art with thumbnail drawings and stick figure sketches – often on the backs of envelopes or paper napkins in restaurants.

To draw a stick figure is easy. To draw an action stick figure needs a little more work.

With a bit of practice you’ll learn how the body moves so you’ll be able to draw anything you like from any angle.

Luckily we can use photographs to help us work things out. In this video, Shoo goes through the process and shows you how to draw your own action stick figures. Why not draw along?

You’ll find the photo of Rod Laver here:

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How to design characters for children’s books – see inside my workbook

In this video I show how I have created two characters – hero and heroine – of my space-based, middle-grade adventure trilogy – GENERATION MOON – aimed at 8-12 year-olds and up.

Creating a character takes time. They are like new friends – you may think you know them, but it takes a while to really get to know them and understand their individuality and what makes them tick.

If you are going to create a whole book, populated with images of the characters, drawn from different angles and with different emotions, you need to practice, until it becomes second nature how to draw them.

It also helps to create some kind of a grid that you can refer to as the base plan for the character that you can return to when you get in a muddle or when you need to work out how to draw them in a new and tricky situation or angle.

In this video I take you inside my workbook and show how I draw the characters now and the whole series of sketches and thought processes that led up the the present versions.

00:00:00 Start – Drawing Glenn
00:02:37 Drawing Chao-Xing
00:05:17 Look through all the sketches in the workbook
00:14:52 Draw Glenn 00:16:53 Draw Glenn Again