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Deer in the Forest

I went for a lovely walk in the Forest with my daughter today. We had just finished filling our containers with about 3 lbs of blackberries when my daughter spotted, with her keen hunter’s ear, three Stags, really quite close by. The biggest stood it’s ground and watched us as I slowly got my phone out, switched it on, found the camera app, turned that on and waited for it to warm up and then zoomed in and finally took this picture. Then it decided it had had enough and ran off with the others. It was very dark compared to the one of the others, which was a normal fawn/red deer colour. Very exciting to be so close.

Hooray! Government backs down on Forestry Sell-off!

Hooray! The Government seem to have seen sense and appear to have completely pulled out of the Forestry sell-off scheme. I’m sure there are a load of upset bankers who are wondering what they are now going to do with all their quanitativley-eased bonuses, but I’m not really bothered about them.

Good – that’s one bit of nonsense over and done with. Now we can put all our energy into the nonsense that is library closures. When will this Government realise that it’s Big Society is quite happy with the way things are run already. The Big Society says: No to change for changes sake.

How to Draw Trees

A few people have asked me to draw trees for them. They are not my best subject. Because they are so complicated I’ve always been a bit scared of drawing them and so tend to rush over them and hope no one will notice. No more! I’ve decided to work on them a bit and not be scared any more. As with most things in drawing, you need to take time out to study and learn how the thing is put together, then practice until your hands understand the lines.