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DBMIER Art Tracing – Light Pad Review – 5 Stars!


I am so pleased to have been asked to review this Light box from DBMIER, and I’m more than happy to give it 5 Stars!

It’s the light box I’ve always dreamed of. I’ve made a couple in my time and chose solid Acrylic like this is made of. But this is only the thickness of a sheet of acrylic. Mine before has a whole box and lighting system underneath!

My old light box is really an illuminated poster display I’ve never really been that happy with it.

The DBMIER A4 light tracing pad – and it feels like a pad – not a box – is fab. It has already changed my style, making me go back to a more intimate more miniature style I did many years ago – mainly because it’s bright enough to see what I’m doing!

The pad has a wonderful, even, bright – not too bright! – flicker-free (as far as I can tel) glow that shines easily through two thicknesses of watercolour paper if needed.

Excellent for tracing for animation or organising images for final artwork. I imagine its great for sorting negatives and transparencies – if anyone still does that – and even hospital xRays.

It thin and made from study, crystal clear acrylic. The soft touch button clicks its way through three different light levels the fourth touch switches it off. Running off 12 volts from the transformer, it’s safe too.

What more can I say but that here are the links to get it from Amazon


And in the UK


How to draw a swallow in flight

Learn how to draw a swallow in flight and then paint it in watercolour

I saw my first swallow yesterday, which does not make a summer, but it’s always a great and cheering site to see them back for the summer.

I’m also drawing illustrations for a new book written by Michael Morpurgo at the moment. It’s a series called Mudpuddle Farm, and there are swallows in the story, which I have been drawing this week. See more here 

Also if you want to draw clouds, try this video

Here is a great video about swallows
and a brilliant bbc video of Swallows Drinking While Flying – Slow Mo!

Looking for things to draw in the Science Museum


I went to London twice a few weeks ago. The second time was to sit on the Children’s Writers and Illustrator’s Group – (CWIG) – at the Society of Authors, which is like the writer’s trade union, I suppose.

I had a bit of time to nip into the Science museum on the Way, As I’d heard that they had bought the British Astonaut, Tim Peake’s Soyuz Space ship – for an undisclosed sum – and that it had gone on display just that morning. So, While I was there, I thought I would film a load of things to give me ideas for what to draw on future videos. What do you think? Do they give you ideas?

You can find out more about Tim Peake and his mission here

here is more about soyuz spacecraft 

And see my Russian Space craft sketchbook drawings here