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The Wednesday Drawing Show – Jan 9 2013 – Drawing from photographs.

An email, from Devina in Indonesia, has got me thinking about drawing this week. Devina has just realised that drawings don’t have to look realistic. It’s a a mind-set that is hard to break out of and is the reason most people give up drawing. They think drawings have to look “proper”, preferably like a photograph. We have cameras that make “proper” images these days.

The joy of drawing is that you can draw in any way you like and put your own personality into the drawing. Drawing is about understanding the physical world around us. We are bombarded by other people’s images of the world all day. Drawing allows you the time to see, look and understand in your own way and express your personal view.

Drawing is how we learn and understand. Drawing is not Art – with a capital “A”.

It can become Art when you decide to make a piece of art, or it may become Art when others decide that’s what you’ve done.

Mostly, Drawing is the planning and learning stage. Not just of Art but of Fashion, Design, Production, Science, Technology, Moon Missions, Battle Manoeuvres – almost any physical undertaking.

Drawing should is like writing, because writing is just a formalised method of drawing. If we put the same amount of effort into drawing as we do writing, there would be much more interesting communication in the world – and much better writing.

On the Show we also have the Rhino Drawings you uploaded to the http://thewednesdaydrawingshow.com/youruploads from last week’s task, and if you wait to the end, you can see all the other drawings that were posted too.

Also a bit of advice about sketchbooks. Don’t rip out the bad work and don’t feel it’s a waste of paper. If you are worried about the cost, get a cheaper sketchbook or use the backs of envelopes. But keep all the sketches bound together so you can see your progress – also so that you can return to previous ideas when you are ready to build on them and create something new.

Spring, and the Sap is Rising! Walking with my camera

I went for a walk in the Forest this week, and the sap is definitely rising. Although a cold wind is blowing from the north, Spring is here at last.

You can see it best in the ferns that are bursting out of the ground everywhere you look. I love the way they uncurl and open out as if they are all packed away underground, and are just being blown up inside, like curly, party blow-outs tooters.

There used to be a quaint tradition here, where young lovers would go into the Forest for a bit of privacy. It was known as a Fern Ticket. I remember the local paper printing Fern Tickets for you to cut out and give to someone you admire to let them know you wouldn’t mind a private walk in the Forest with them. If That doesn’t get the sap rising, I don’t know what does!


[slideshow] I’ve not got time to talk about my trip this week, so here are a few pictures from Torquay.
Cobleys fish shop windows, A graffiti on the promenade, the town cross that lookslike a space rocket about to take off at any moment, a dinosaur in a shop window, amazing cap stones on the front – each one looks like a miniature mountain range.

I didn’t have fish and chips at Cobleys _ I went over the road to the Bombay Express, which I can heartily recommend!