Take a peek inside my Norway Cruise Sketchbook

Take a sneek peek inside my sketchbook!

I recently went on a cruise to the Arctic circle to see the northern lights. Mrs Rayner and I were celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. I did a bit of random sketchbooking and thought you might like to see.

Sketchbook journals are 50% sketching and 50% memories and stories. Don’t get too hung up on your drawing skills – just draw to remember the good times and the interesting stuff!

With the recent changes on YouTube, I will be doing a lot more of this and a lot more sketch booking altogether. Let me know what you think and what you would like to see me work on.

Architect Frank Harmon – telling stories with sketches

I came across this video on The News and ObserverĀ and just loved the simplicity of Architect, Frank Harmon’s sketches. They looks so easy, but they come from a lifetime of practice, observation and knowledge of building construction, place and people.

Frank tells stories with his sketches on his blog – Native PlacesĀ – using the sketch as the draft of a story or observation. I love that he uses only 200 words. That’s a skill to learn!

Take a look and be impressed with clear thought and simplicity of line and watercolour wash.

As I post this Hurricane Florence is headed towards North Carolina. I hope Frank is tucked-up safe somewhere warm and dry.

See inside my USA Sketchbook

I went to the USA for the last couple of weeks in September. I call it a holiday you may call it a vacation. We went to New York for a few days then to a wedding outside Boston – then we had a few days on Cape Cod with wind and rain, thanks to Hurricane Jose!

I had done so much drawing for books I was working on before I left, I didn’t do a lot of drawing while I was away – It was, after all, a holiday!

Have a look at what I did and see a few of the many sights I saw while I was away.

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