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How to Draw a Thanksgiving Cornucopia

Happy thanksgiving to all my American viewers and followers. This year of Pandemic has been pretty tough for everyone, but there is still a lot to be thankful for and a lot to look forward to.

Covid has been like a catalyst, speeding up changes that would have take five years or so, compressing those years of change into months. Some of that is hard to take but like a cornucopia basket full of harvest goodness, there will be new opportunities for those who seek them and an exciting new future ahead.

If your thanksgiving is not the same as usual, take a moment to relax and draw this cornucopia, to count your blessing and to think of those you would normally be spending time with but have to stay distanced from, this year.

Make up for it, big time, next year!

22 How to Draw Thanksgiving Videos!

Here is a whole playlist of Thanksgiving drawing videos I have done over the years. Click below to subscribe for more.

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for watching and drawing and subscribing to my channels.

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