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A super value Digital Controller for art students – TourBox Lite

Tourbox lite is a new super value digital controller that is now available for $95 – get an extra, exclusive $5 off using code – shoorayner (follow this link https://www.tourboxtech.com/en/tourbox-lite/?tbkid=960917666237911040 valid til may 1st 24)

Tourbox Lite is a box full of knobs and wheels and buttons that you can assign to any function in any app or program that you use on your computer – Mac or PC. Turn your most used actions into quick simple button presses.

I use it mostly with Photoshop or now Affinity Photo. The central knob is worth every penny on it’s own. Choose a brush and the knob instantly changes the brush size. I love it just for that.

I have been using the TourBox Digital Controller every day for a couple of years now and it’s a part of my working life. I think it is the best digital extra you can get for your computer – and I’m not being paid to say that! It’s what your left hand is for – or right if you are left-handed. It’s quite happy being placed wherever is best for you.

I use it for stop motion, video editing, audio editing, scanning, word-processing and more. It automatically adjusts to your current, open app. You just have to chose the settings and remember which buttons to press.

You may think its a lot to learn and get used to. My first day took me about a morning to work it out, get set up and choose how I’d use it. By the afternoon it was like I’d always been using it. I would be lost without it now.

There are some processes that I’ve speeded up no end. It’s taken the boring bit out of editing and made it fun.