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How to Draw a Heart in Pencil – Blending Technique

I thought I would continue the pencil drawing theme and draw a heart in pencil, but this time I’m taking it slowly as my Patreon Patron, Jenny, says she has difficulty drawing even simple curves for a heart. Most of the time I’m just drawing in a pretty scribbly, loose, relaxed sort of way and pretty quickly too – I don’t want my audience to get bored! But the secret to getting those curves really smooth is to take your time, draw very gently so its easy to erase any mistakes along the way!

This is drawn of quite “toothy” Seawhite of Brighton cartridge paper.

Seven New Valentines Drawing Ideas

Here are Seven New Valentines Drawing Ideas for you to use to make cards or messages to the one you love!

How to Draw a heart made of Roses for Mother’s Day

It’s nearly Mother’s Day in the USA, where I have many, many viewers of my videos. So, I thought I’d show you this simple way of drawing a heart made of roses so you can┬ámake a card for your Mom. Have fun!

The pens I use in the video are Copic Ciao – you can get them here http://bit.ly/CopicCiaoUk in the uk and here http://bit.ly/CopicCiaoUSA in the USA