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How to paint with Koi watercolors – Scrawlrbox unboxing #scrawlrchallenge

October’s Scrawlrbox came with a Koi Watercolor painting set some great watercolour paper, a really nice pencil from KOH-I-Noor and some other stuff too. It’s great fun getting all these things to try in the post each month. I’m not being paid to make thesis videos, but I do get the boxes for free to play with.

Mudder Water Brush Review

I’m always happy to try out water brushes. They are not all the same. Mudder sent me a set to try out for review but they have not paid me to make this video.

There are six brushes in this set, making them very good value. There are three round brushes. the smallest is for very fine detail. I must admit I would like a bigger round brush and wish someone would make a really big round water brush.

However, the size ten of the flat brushes is big! Much bigger that other water brushes I’ve sen or tried great for sweeping washes.
They are well made, come in a sensibly designed pouch and are very comfortable to hold. The water barrels seem much longer that other brands, giving a really nice balance and feel.

They flow well – not too drippy like some and not to dry like others. I’m going to take the with me on vacation and and for the Wigtown Book festival where I will be the official sketchbook artist for 10 days, so I’ll really put them through their paces in a few videos to come.

Overall, I’m really pleased with them so far and think they offer great value

To get your own water brush set please follow these amazon links – I get a small commission to help fund this channel but you pay no extra.

Water brushes hold a supply of water in the handle. of necessity they are made of plastic and can put you off by looking with a bit cheap or just for kids. They are not. They are a different way of painting with watercolour paints.

Traditional brushes load up with a consistent mix of colour which you can paint on the paper until the brush runs dry.

Water brushes have a constant flow of water trickling from the barrel into the brush. This means that the intensity of the colour is always getting thinner. Not a problem – it’s different and you soon get used to it, and soon adapt to use the water flow to new advantages.

Cleaning the brush just involves a light squeeze of the barrel and a gentle dib dab of the brush on some kitchen towel.

When I first saw water brushes, I turned my nose up at them, thinking I would only ever use expensive sable brushes. I hardly use anything else now and have adapted my style accordingly.

One reasonable sized quality sable brush would cost what this whole set costs.

Cleaning is so wonderful that these brushes are excellent for kids. No dirty jam jars, no messy brushes. Just get them out and start painting straight away.

As for sketching outside or “on the run” they are fantastic. You just need brushes and a sketchbook and a small watercolour set and you are way! Have fun! See this video for a cheap starter set of watercolours: https://youtu.be/nGOPk_21CHI

or follow the amazon links below: