April Statistics

I’ve often mentioned what a statistics junkie I am. Today I had a surprise when logging into my blogs back office. My statistics are provided for me by the wonderful people at wordpress.org. My statistics for today seemed to have gone bonkers for today. The bar on the graph had gone ballistic, but strangely, the numbers were about where I thought they would be.

Then I realised the date. April 1st – April fool’s day. Very funny guys!


So what do you think of this new website look?

I’ve recently changed the look of my website, to make the front page my permanent blog. Eighteen months ago or so, I was badly hacked and moved my blog to wordpress.com, where they look after it very nicely. But there are limitations to keeping a blog there and I want to do more with my blog.

So I’m now running wordpress on my own site as the front page. This lets me do lots of new things and as it is easier to update, it should be easier to keep more secure. Actually I think the hackers got in through the software my old internet service provider used – It’s taken a while to move my website and everything that goes with it to a new provider that I feel much happier with.

Over the weekend, I’ve moved the buttons, that access the rest of the site, from the side to the top and have put the old familiar music back again, (making it fade quite quickly!)

I really could do with feedback. If you love it or hate it, please say so in the comments. I’ll look forward to reading what you think.