The Future of my Drawing Videos

I’ve been up and down and all over the place with my drawing channels on YouTube. I lost focus and direction, confused by the statistics, not knowing in which direction to take it.

I was nearly about to give up all together.

Then a few weeks ago I was made a very interesting offer that I will tell you more about when it is launched.

It has made me go through my statistics and intentions all over again and I have come up with a solution I’m now really happy with.

As a children’s author I visit schools and know how little drawing is taught these days, that’s why I started making my drawing videos in the first place, to provide some sort of drawing tuition for the kids who aren’t getting it at school.

But I kept getting older viewers – High School and beyond and my youtube channels began getting very mixed audiences. I kept trying to cater for different audiences on the same channel.

Audience is a good word. I’ve been trying not to think of my viewers as a market. Audience is good.

PeasylogoroundtransparentSo I’ve set up a new channel DrawStuffEasyPeasy (I’m thinking of changing the logo already!) which will be for a much younger audience – I imagine them to be aged 4-7 although adults are already watching!

My other channel – DrawStuffRealEasy – will be how I set out originally, drawing stuff and giving hints and tips along the way – aimed at Upper Primary and Elementary children’s funtime as well as homework and school projects.drawlogo
And my original channel the ShooRaynerDrawing channel will now be for more grown-up drawing videos/ advice/tips/technique/sketchbooking and I think one a lot viewers would like – more watercolour!

I have also relaunched my Patreon page if you would like to support me in my work.

You will be able to view future youtube videos on Patreon free of advertising and I hope soon to add step by step instruction sheets for patrons too. Some patrons will also get postcards from me every three months! How cool is that?

Let me know what you would like to see more of in the comments box below and if you aren’t subscribed to my channels then make sure you are! Click the links and click the subscribe buttons.

Thanks for all your loyal support up until now. I hope I can rely on your support in the future and that you are going to enjoy the next 836 plus videos on the ShooRaynerDrawing Channel as much as I have enjoyed making the 836 videos so far!

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4 thoughts on “The Future of my Drawing Videos

  1. John Keighley

    I’m glad you didn’t give up. As an adult, as well as a teacher, I find the video channels very instructive and informative. Looking forward to see what you come up with!

  2. Shoo Rayner Post author

    Thanks – I’m feeling really quite positive now. I have a plan and it makes sense at last! Best wishes

  3. Bryan

    I’m glad you found a solution to your channel dilemma! I’m one of those adults who enjoy your videos. They’re educational, great fun, and have helped make art (small “a”) part of my life. Looking forward to what the future brings.

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