Walker – The boy who can talk to dogs

“Shades of 101 Dalmatians in a warm-hearted, traditional adventure story.’ 

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“A fast-paced plot peppered with wonderful word-play
makes this a story that is so much fun to read!
You’ll laugh and gasp and stay on the edge of your seat.
Thrilling, funny and absolutely delightful book for young competent readers!”

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Walker – the boy who can talk to dogs

All Walker wants is a dog. But his Mother is allergic. He has the brilliant idea of walking his neighbours dogs. He starts walking spaniel Stella and loves it. Then Stella has a fright, and Walker finds out that he can talk to dogs and they can talk to him! But all is not well. The local dogs need Walker’s help.

Will anyone listen to him?

Walker and the Mystery of the missing Millions – Book 2

Book Two – Thanks to Walker and his Dog Friends, Arlington has been sent to prison. But all his money has disappeared. Walker agrees to help crack the clues to find the password. But he’s soon in real danger. Can Walker Anje and the dogs catch the crooks?

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Click here or on the picture below to download a pdf Teacher Pack of resources for this book. There are colouring sheets, a comprehension crossword and word search, drawing guides, map of Foxley village Interview with Shoo about the book and his work, Comprehension Quiz and discussion/writing ideas. You may need to right click the link to download and save to your computer. Feel free to print and use this resource as much as you want. You can choose to print specific pages to print on paper.

Lower down on this page, you will find videos from Shoo’s award-winning YouTube Channel, talking about Walker and the making of it, showing you how to draw Characters from the book and how to draw lots of dogs!

Here is a Virtual School Visit/Festival event for The Big Dog Festival in Dumfries in Scotland which I recorded during the Corona Virus Lockdown of 2020.

Watch these Walker Videos

Below are a series of videos about the making of Walker and how to draw different types of dogs.

What? Walker’s eyes popped wide open. “You mean you can get paid for walking dogs? Now I know what I want to do when I grow up. When can I leave school?”

Lots of How to Draw Dogs videos!