What does a children’s author do all day long?

When I ask school children what they think I do all day, they generally suggest that I write! That seems logical.

In fact, writing is almost the last thing I do. Mostly It’s YouTube or promotion of some kind. A lot of drawing and a lot of thinking.

But I am writing at the moment, and that presents a problem. What do I for an idea for a YouTube Video this week. I have to keep up the production. Apparently I’m an OG YouTuber – Original Gangster! – as I’ve been posting on YouTube almost every week for fifteen years!

But every week I have a moment when I think, “what am I going to do on YouTube?”

This week, I’m writing, so leave me alone! My mind is elsewhere – deep in a fantasy world, dreaming up plots and characters.

I have discovered a new thing on YouTube – YouTube Podcasts. I don’t have to do anything but talk! That’s great, while I’m writing, I’m thinking. Not everything I think about is about the story. But it’s stuff I can talk about!