What have I been doing this week? Watch and I’ll tell you!

I’ve been doing a lot – working hard on my KickStarter project for a new picture book called Pandora. I think I will be launching it live on Friday around about 4:00 come along and join me!

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2 thoughts on “What have I been doing this week? Watch and I’ll tell you!

  1. Charles

    M Shoo – I must tell you how much delight I get from your website. It is a pleasure that I allow myself when ever I see you on my email list. I find your presentations instructive and delivered with your inimitable sense of humour. PLEASE do continue with your fine work – it is lovely and quite unique. Charles [age ninety]

  2. Shoo Rayner Post author

    Thank you, Charles, how wonderful to have you following my website. Im in the middle of a bit of transition at the moment but fear not I’ll still be posting to my website on your 100th birthday! Mind you, ill be that bit closer to 90 myself then
    From my phone

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