ShooRaynerDrawingLogosmlShooRaynerDrawing is my main YouTube channel. I made my first video, How to draw the GinGer Ninja, thinking it would be great publicity for my children’s books. It wasn’t! But I soon had comments asking me to show how to draw other things. I was hooked and have since made over 1000 videos on YouTube. I became even more committed to the channel when I won the YouTube NextUp competition in July 2011.

This was just after Google took over YouTube. Google has changed YouTube considerably since. At times it has been quite disheartening. I’ve often thought of giving up, but I’ve carried on slowly working out exactly what I should be doing. There is a lot of help and advice for YouTubers, but it really comes down to each individual to find their voice and their audience.

I’ve found the demographic statistics very confusing. I keep assuming the viewers are the same age as the readers of my books. It has finally dawned on me that the older generations in the statistics, are not the parents and grandparents of the children that are watching… they are the audience!Shooraynerdrawing

drawstuffrealeasylogMy publishers were very interested in my YouTube exploits, but the boss, suggested that I waffled too much! To prove her wrong, I started DrawStuffRealEasy. I made the videos short sharp and almost rude to the viewers. For a while I misread the statistics, then I realised she was probably right. The channel picked up viewers very quickly.

Ultimately, I found it less exciting and difficult to summon up the energy to keep producing videos to a tight schedule, while I was so busy on other projects. I’ve not given up on it… yet!DrawstuffRealEasy

shooraynerlifeThe ShooRaynerLife channel began as a “Day in the life of” Drawing channel. I tried documenting my day in drawings. It was very hard work. I decided that next time I’d need a camera person and and editor/uploader working with me.

Since then I’ve used the channel for many things. Telling stories, explaining about British culture and documenting moments in my life. For a couple of years I did a december daily iPhone blog – which was really hard work. Recently, I have been so busy, I’ve not had much time for this channel. I would love to do more, but it really is hard splitting one’s energy across so many channels. This is SOMETHING I HAVE LEARNED IN LIFE!Shooraynerlifepage

StoryTimeShooRaynerStoryTimeJust as it says on the lid of the tin. My stories brought to life with reading and illustrations.