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ShooRaynerDrawingLogo-300x159I have several Youtube Channels.

ShooRaynerDrawing Is about drawing, ideas how to and general advice for artists.


DrawStuffRealEasy does what it says on the tin – it shows you how to draw stuff real easy. What kind of stuff? Anything from stickmen to the Tardis to the Eiffel Tower to a human skull





Then there is the ShooRaynerLife Channel which is a video blog about my life and thoughts and the odd story and joke.


Shoowaii-Video-pageand now there is Shoowaii

Shoowaii is a start that never quite caught alight. The nearby sun has brought it to life for it’s own amusement. Shoowaii is a breeding ground for stories and ideas all within a coherent environment – it’s weird, so take a look!

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