Shoo’s Books

I have written and illustrated over 200 books for children in the primary/elementary age groups, and illustrated over 70 more for other authors, including Michael Morpurgo, Michael Rosen and Rose Impey. Many of the books I’ve written are series books. I try to make the writing easy for struggling readers, but with high story content, fun and excitement for more confident readers.

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Where do babies come in the age of Online shopping? Are they any easier to cope with. Find out when Penni and Benni decide to become new parents!

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How to Draw Stuff Real Easy

In this easy to follow book, Shoo teaches just how easy it is to draw, explains the simple principles behind the shapes that go to make up almost everything you can imagine.

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Draw Ancient Greek Stuff

Learn to draw Ancient Greek Gods and temples, heroes and villains, flying horses, urns and other everyday items to make your projects come alive.

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The man who invented the subject teaches you, and his silly friends, the principles of geometry with funny, simple, clear explanations.

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The man who invented the Death Ray, also invented many other things that we take for granted today. Was he the cleverest man who ever lived? Very possibly.

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Draw Halloween Stuff

Learn to draw over 160 creepy, scary, ghostly, hairy, frightful, weird,uncanny, mysterious, hair-raising, spine-tingling things for Halloween!

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All Walker wants is a dog. But his Mother is allergic. He starts dog-walking spaniel Stella and soon finds out that he can talk to dogs and they can talk to him! But all is not well. The local dogs need Walker’s help. Will anyone listen to him?

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The Dragon Trilogy

What would you do if you had a dragon of your own? Would you be able to keep it a secret? and what if it led you to Merlin’s hidden treasure! Three books full of adventure!

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Scaredy Cats

One book. Nine lives. Nine tales of comedy horror as the Scaredy cats come together to tell each other stories on the nights when the moon shines bright. Are you brave enough to read them all?

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Is She Very Naughty or Just Very Curious?
A funny, scary picture book bringing to life the ancient story of Pandora’s box.

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The Ginger Ninja

Ginger is a happy little kitten… until Tiddles joins his class at school. Will life ever be the same again? Bullying and friendship themes. Funny, sad and thoughtful.

Page includes masks and colouring pages.

Funny, read alone texts with illustrations on every page.

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Ricky Rocket

He’s the only human boy on the planet – but he gets up to lots of fun adventures with his alien friends – and his horrible sister, Sue!

Click for cutout masks and colouring pages.

Funny, read alone texts with illustrations on every page.

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Viking Vik

He’s a Viking boy living Viking myths as if they were his own.

Click for masks and colouring pages.

Funny, read alone texts with illustrations on every page.

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The Just So Stories

Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories brought up to date with fresh modern text that keeps all the musicality and whimsy of Kipling’s classic tales – with new illustrations by Shoo.

Funny, read alone texts with illustrations on every page.

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Dark Claw

Across the distant Universe, Dark Claw broods… Can Onlee One and his friends stop Dark Claw’s evil plan and and save the whole Muss race? Thrilling Space adventure. A six book Saga in one volume.

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