Help me get my story channel off the ground!

I’ve started a new story channel on youtube, called Learn English Through Story.

I noticed that many videos that are of a similar length and age bracket to mine are aimed at english language learning interest groups – doing the same as me, sharing the text on screen to follow along with the reading.

So I thought it would be an interesting experiment to do the same – especially as some of the offerings are quite dire – and some in terrible english!

It would help me so much if everyone that reads this follows this link and subscribes to the channel and watches one of my videos. It would help to get the channel noticed by YouTube’s algorithm and start attracting some views. It’s so hard getting a new channel off the ground – I need all the support I can get!

As well as my stories, I’m planning to post some British classics. Today I posted Beatrix Potter’s – The Tale of Mr Jeremy Fisher. I’m planning to work my way through all her books.

This is going to be a fun project so do please help by subscribing now!

When and where do I get ideas? The answer is revealed!

Recently, I was asked “When and where do you find you get most of your inspiration and ideas for stories?”

That could have such a quick and simple answer like – teatime in the kitchen or shopping in Ikea – but it really isn’t as simple as that.

I mentioned before that I think ideas are living things, like viruses, they are looking to “get you” to make their idea come true. If you are not the right person, then they fly away to look for someone else – sometimes they even leave you feeling lost and empty – bereft – and sometimes jealous or angry when you see someone else have success with the same idea!

In this video I explain where and when I get ideas and what I do about them when they come knocking on the door!

How to Draw Small Children – spoken tutorial

Cindy, who supports me on Patreon, asked why her drawing of a two year old looked more like a six year old – It’s a common problem.

Two year olds are beyond being babies and toddlers, but they are not grown up into being independent kids. There is a lot of growth in that year – and a lot of tantrums as they force their personalities on the world! They still have baby fat and cute baby proportions, but they are transitioning into being kids too.

So much to think about – If you really want to draw kids, you need to draw a lot of kids! In this video I manipulate Cindy’s beautiful watercolour to try and get somewhere near the right proportions to analyse the problem, then I draw a two year old from my imagination – or memory – to explain further.

If you would like to support me on Patreon, and get extra background videos, finished images & helpful step by step downloads, follow this link ??