Beat the Rabbit Holes! – Focus! Get to work!

Sunday begins the countdown to my Generation Moon Kickstarter Campaign.

I’m busy working on the artwork and trying not to get distracted. Signs up for launch notifications here:

Apart from there being so much to do, I can so easily fall down a rabbit hole while researching something that comes up randomly – even from a stray thought – I’m the kind of person who just has to know the answer!

So I’m being very firm with myself and focussing!

In this video I draw and paint Glenn and CJ the heroes of Generation Moon, as they relax for a moment and play each other at Star Fighter video games.

Follow the whole Generation Moon Playlist here:

A Higher Mountain?

I was reading an old essay from the 1020s this morning and in it was this statement:

“The highest mountains have yet to be climbed.”

Well, that is not so today. But it led me to wonder…

Do mountaineers, who famously climb mountains, “because they are there”, dream at night of the possibility of being the first human to climb Olympus Mons on Mars, the highest (known) mountain in the solar system?

© Sémhur / Wikimedia Commons

How to Draw a Rabbit Hole Real Easy

Learn to draw a  real easy with this easy to follow, spoken tutorial video. Find all the hundred’s of DrawStuffRealEasy drawing videos on one page by clicking here.

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