Euclid – The Man who Invented Geometry

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Euclid – The Man Who Invented Geometry, is a book, eBook and video project. You can get the book worldwide here on and see the video playlist on YouTube here. The interactive iBook for iPads is available here.

Euclid and his friends are fun characters who teach the basics of geometry in a new and exciting way. Aimed at encouraging techies to draw and artists to see maths in a new way, Euclid – The Man Who Invented Geometry, is rip-roaring journey through simple geometry that uses storytelling, jokes and video to explain Euclid’s simple, axiomatic principles.

What are axiomatic principles? Euclid starts at the very beginning with a dot on the page, then two dots connected by a line. Three dots connected make a triangle, and so on. Adding simple elements, bit by bit, Euclid builds up the rules and understanding of Geometry.

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The book is supported by highly entertaining videos on YouTube, which you can see here.

If you have a copy of the book, then the promised video that shows you how to construct a regular pentagon is below. Remember, Euclid did say that it was a little difficult! Play it a few times until you understand it properly.