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A typical page from the Ginger Ninja. Click to enlarge.

A typical page from the Ginger Ninja. Click to enlarge.

The Ginger Ninja is a story and a series about a happy kitten called Ginger. At least he was happy until a new kitten,called Tiddles, came to school and turned his world upside down. Tiddles forms a gang and makes life miserable for poor Ginger. Luckily his Grandad has an idea to restore Ginger’s self-belief, allowing him to stand up to Tiddles and regain his happy ways and self-confidence.The stories are written to be read easily. They contain quite deep and emotional themes, but also positive themes of friendship, responsibility and doing the right thing, however hard it might be.

With black and white drawings on every page, this is a classic early reader. I’ve been told many times that this is the first book children have read on their own.

The Ginger Ninja started out as one book, but soon turned into a six book series.

Why I wrote this book

shooGingerHairI had very ginger hair when I was a child. In those days everone used to say, “If you have a red head, you have a red-hot temper!”

As I got older, true enough my temper got worse and worse, until the matron at school helped me begin to bring it under control.

When I was much older I realised that being told, over and over, that you will have a bad temper is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If people expect you to have a bad temper, they actually excuse you for it. They also try and make you lose it just for fun!

At school it became a game to make me lose my temper. The bullies knew exactly which buttons to press.

When my son was born with red hair, he had barely drawn breath before the midwife sucked her teeth and said, “Red hair! You’re going to have troubel with this child!”

At that moment, I decided I had to write this book!

The Old Ginger Website

If you click the image below, you will be taken to the original 1999 Flash animated website – it’s still a lot of fun!


Ginger Colouring Sheets

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