The Dragon Trilogy – Gold – White – Red

Firefly Press asked me to be be one of their first authors – a great honour and an opportunity to write write in a longer form. They are the first Welsh children’s book publisher, and they specifically asked to me write in English, but with a contemporary Welsh theme.

So many dormant ideas came together while writing Dragon Gold – I love it when that happens -and then the research for the book reminded me of legends that effortlessly wove themselves into my story, as if they were just waiting to be re-lit, re-fashioned and re-imagined.

Soon, I realised that this was more than just one book, and Firefly have encouraged me all the way to the end of the trilogy. Dragon Gold was highly recommended in the top Welsh children’s book award the Tir Na n-Og Awards and has been a number one best-seller since.

Though set in Wales, the trilogy tells a universal tale of a young boy coming to terms with the adult world in a funny and fast-paced story of magic, mystery and obsession.

Harri  lives with his mum above her magic and crystals shop in the small tourist town of St Gertrudes. Harri becomes the owner of  Tân, a real, baby dragon, thanks to a mysterious old lady who appears while Harri is looking after the shop. No one comes to her for old-fashioned magic any more, so she’s trying to get shops to stock her spells and potions.

Harri has a rival. The father of his best friend, Ryan, does everything for his son and makes sure that Ryan is always a winner. After years of coming second to Ryan, Harri comes first equal in a school competition. And so begins a battle of mythical proportions between Harri and Ryan’s Dad.

In Dragon White, we find Ryan’s dad obsessed with the idea of having a dragon of his own. Unaware of what it means to be the master of a dragon, he succumbs to dragon sickness and is never the same again. Meanwhile Harri learns more about the myths and history of the Red Dragon of Wales, research which comes in handy when the law finally steps into the lives of the two Dragon Masters.

In Dragon Red, Harri’s school teacher, Mr Davis, with his hordes of hairy, bearded warriors from the Ancient Briton Re-enactment society and the whole of the North Wales Police descend on Dinas Emrys, Merlin’s Fortress, in foothills of Mount Snowdon. Here Harri and Ryan’s dad meet in in mortal combat – bringing ancient myths to life, as their dragons fight in the starlit skies!

“I’m dazzled by this story – the best story a boy could read.” Milo

“My daughter has read dragon white and so enjoyed it she wanted more. She is half way through the book and cannot put it down.” Satisfied of Somerset