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Super Dad – A Great Story for Dads and their lads

It’s okay for lads and their mums too!

My Dad is very busy, but sometimes – not often- he has a little bit of time for me!

A charming story, that is perfect for Father’s day and for dads and their lads to read together.

If you would like a copy of the book, which comes together with the second story, Superdad, the Super Hero, then just click here.

Why not draw a Super Dad card for father’s Day https://youtu.be/UXzqunyBUTQ then send me a picture for the gallery video to drawings@shoorayner.com


Bluebeard’s Cat – A Horror Story for Halloween!

As the full moon calls, each cat slinks through the shadows to where the storyteller waits.

Will you stay in your cosy bed? Or dare you go and join the Scaredy Cats and hear the tale of Bluebeard’s Cat and her master’s nasty, creepy secret! Watch and listen as Shoo reads this gruesome story. Are you prepared?


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You can also download the PDF of the book in no time at all by clicking the download link  [add_to_cart item=”scaredy download 1″ quantity=”user:1″ text=”Add to cart and Download Now!” ajax=”yes” ]

When you are finished, maybe you’d like to watch and learn how to Draw Bluebeard’s Cat in the video below: