About Shoo

Shoo Rayner BannerShoo Rayner is a children’s author, specialising in fun, character-driven series books for beginners, newly-confident readers and novels for independent readers .

He’s written over 200 books for major publishers, runs an award-winning YouTube channel, and visits schools, libraries and festivals around the world, storytelling and promoting literacy.

Shoo believes that learning to read is the key skill in modern life, and the habit of daily reading for pleasure is the well-trodden path to success.

Today, it’s more important than ever that children read whole books, which are still by far the best medium for focussed and sustained reading.

Stories have an incredible power to engage and educate. As a storyteller, Shoo’s aim is to inspire and help children become fluent readers, allowing them to unlock the universe of knowledge for themselves.

Having battled dyslexia on his own, Shoo is highly committed to the cause of struggling and newly-independent readers.

Shoo’s legendary storytelling skills make him always in demand in schools, libraries and festivals.

Learn more about Shoo from the Drawing My Life Videos below!

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