About Shoo

I’m a children’s author and illustrator.

I create picture books and middle-grade fiction for children across the primary school age range.

As an author and illustrator, I love to visit schools, libraries and festivals to promote reading for pleasure and visual literacy.

I’m a bit dyslexic. I failed my English O Levels three times, when I was 15 and 16,  so I have developed a very visual approach to writing and telling stories, which often chimes with the reluctant readers and writers in the audience, so I like to share my experience, explaining how I approach the hard job of writing.

II love showing people how to draw things, so I also share my drawing skills on my award-winning YouTube drawing channels, ShooRaynerDrawing and DrawStuffRealEasy

Where did I get the name Shoo? My parents named me Hugh. As my dad was in the army, we went to Pakistan when I was about three months old. My Aiah, who looked after me for two years, couldn’t say Hugh – she could only say Shoo… the name stuck! In the end, I changed my name legally because it became so confusing being two different legal entities. Urdu was actually my first language – I wish I could still speak it now.

You can find out a bit more about my early years from the Drawing My Life Videos I made that you can see here:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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