Blogger's Block

I was looking at just now and looking at a page about Writer’s Block.

Drat! What was I going to write about?

Only Joking!

When I started this new version of my blog I saw a link on my dashboard to – National Blog Posting Month – I’m not sure which nation it is. The site was encouraging bloggers to make a new entry every day – which is quite hard, actually. I started off floundering a little, trying to think of things to write. But After a month, I’m kind of getting into the swing. My blog is now my morning warm up.

I’ve missed a couple of days, I think, but that may be due to my keenness to get the next day’s blog done today.

I now find I have a little collection of stories that I’m thinking about rather that just making them up on the spur. These entries are usually a bit more readable. Firing off the top of your head doesn’t allow the idea to grow or be written in an organised way. So, I think I need to start making definite notes in my sketchbooks.

I don’t think an online “to do” plugin would help me. I’d spend too long writing my to-do lists and would not be getting on with anything else.