Should the BBC be making paid for picture book writing tutorials?

I was recently asked, as an influencer, to help promote the new BBC Maestro WRITING CHILDREN’S PICTURE BOOKS course with Julia Donaldson. I was told about the amazing production values and wonderful quality tutors etc.

When I checked it out, I was appalled to see they are charging £80!

It appears that BBC Maestro

“… has not been funded by the licence fee and is not connected to BBC Public Service. BBC Maestro is an independent business, operating under licence and in close collaboration with BBC Studios, the commercial arm of the BBC.”

If it says BBC on the tin, I think we all expect it to be BBC inside. We have all paid our license fees – or tax and is should properly be called and so should expect a free service.

If BBC Maestro is an independent business, then it should not pretend to be the BBC and use BBC logos. Personally, I think it akin to fraud or passing off.

We pay already for the BBC and that’s what we should get.

Anything else – go and start up like any other business.

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How the Leopard Got His Spots – Rudyard Kipling – Just So Stories – Read Along

The leopard is happy to be sandy-yellow and greyish-brow all over. But when he goes to the speckly-spiclkly forest, he begins to wonder if spots would be better…

A fresh, new retelling of the classic Just So Story. The author, Rudyard Kipling, also wrote the Jungle Book over a hundred years ago. How the Leopard Got His Spots has been re-written, illustrated and told by award – winning British children’s author and illustrator, Shoo Rayner, to bring it up to date with more modern ideas, language and idioms while keeping all the essential fun, language and playfulness of the original.

Get the book from amazon here in the UK Here in the USA And here in Canada


Wednesday Drawing Show – Today! 4:00pm UK time

This week we are going to the dogs! Yes, drawing dogs, but why? My new book, Walker and the missing millions, comes out on the 25th March. I will be drawing a dog every day in March. Those characters will appear in the next book, at a celebrity dog show and will also appear on a poster too.

It could be your dog or a dog you know. get more details and how to enter here and use the hashtag #dogsofinfluence? to spread the word on social media.

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