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Nearly Finished Artwork for Walker- The boy who can talk to dogs

In this video I do a lot of drawing and painting and talking about artwork and making children’s books as I create the final artwork for the image I prepared as a rough in the previous video 

My Editor, Janet, loved the sketches I sent her and now it is a race against time to finish the artwork for the print deadline. I need to paint at least eight images a day, preferably more. It doesn’t help that Mrs Rayner is going away for a week and I have to spend a day in London and we have builders in, who I have to lease with, and cook supper for my aged Mother and go shopping for her and me and my son… but I will get there in time, even if I have to work late in the evenings. It’s part of the “Glamour” of being an illustrator.

Actually, that sounds like the title of a video blog!

It is all painted greyscale as It is going to be a back and white book.The colour I use is:
Neutral Tint Half Pan Watercolour Paint in the UK in the USA in Canada

Dragon Trilogy – Half Price Sale! – Free P&P (UK)

Grab Yourself a Firefly Bargain

For the next 2 days of January, my dragon trilogy books are on sale for HALF PRICE! only on the Firefly Press Website.

This is a real bargain, especially when you hear that postage and packing are completely free in the UK!

That is an offer you just can’t miss.

Ever wondered about Tân, the dragon, and how he cam to be living with Harri and how his whole world was turned upside down because he owned a real, fire-breathing dragon?

Tân is the Welsh word for fire. The trilogy roams across Snowdonia, from the fictitious St. Gertrudes – Based of Holywell, where my grandmother was born and raised – to Dinas Emrys – the fabled stronghold of Merlin the Magician. Are all the old prophecies coming true? Surely they are just old stories!

Here are the direct links:

Dragon Gold

Dragon White 

Dragon Red
While you are there, you can fill your basket up with other brilliant and award-winning books form Firefly.

Pandora – the perfect picture book for Brexit Times

Listening to the news just now, about MPs being jostled and abused while trying to get into Parliament, makes me realise just what a Pandora’s Box the referendum turned out to be.

The referendum was supposed to be advisory, just to find out what the country wanted, assuming it would return a good majority to remain.

But oh my goodness, look what curiosity did. Look at all the forces that have been unleashed. All the attitudes and positions we were blissfully unaware of, that have been emboldened.

If you are wondering how to explain Brexit to little ones, you could do no better than to go back to the original warning story of them all.

Teach children now about when to leave well alone, so they don’t make the same decisions when they grow up and take control themselves.

Tell them that Parliament was so curious to find out what the people thought, they decided to ask them. The referendum was like a Pandora’s Box, they knew should be left well alone – their job was to make the choice themselves, but Parliament was just too curious, it had to lift the lid and find out. It never expected what was going to happen, how their failure to govern and make decisions has brought us to this.