Falling Acorns – Mean Distribution

AcornsYesterday I went for my usual walk in the Forest, but I noticed something different. All around me I heard the sound of acorns crashing through the leaves above me and landing on the ground around me.

I’ve been aware of Acorns falling for the last week or so. But I’ve only seen them lying on the ground. It occurred to me that acorns will fall according to a standard distribution curve. There will be one moment when it might be dangerous to enter an oak wood because the maximum amount of acorns will be falling. If you enter at that time you have the highest chance of being hit by falling acorns.

Some thing should be done! We should employ acorn fall supervisors who can re-route you down safer paths through groves of different trees, which drop their fruits at different times. I suppose I could wear a hard hat.