HP Smart Business Award

I had an amazing night last night at the Hewlett Packard Smart Business Awards, where I won the Social Media Award for all my work on YouTube! It was a wonderful validation for all the hard work I’ve put into YouTube in the last couple of years.

here were an amazing array of businesses there, ranging from colour-coded drill bit to fresh food deliveries to Hi tech microchip cooling systems, run by a friend of mine, who lives about ten miles away! We neither of us knew that we had entered for the awards and were very surprised to see each other there!

I met some very interesting and passionate people. Small businesses are amazing. individuals and small groups of people put everything they have into trying to make a success of their ideas. In this grey state of recession it is life-affirming to meet people who are carrying on regardless, building companies to generate growth and much-needed employment.

Well done to all the winners and many thanks to Hewlett Packard and their partners in the competition for a wonderful evening and thank you for choosing me.