I’m going on the YouTube Made For Kids’ (MFK) Creator Accelerator program!

I have been invited by YouTube and Changer Studios to join the ‘Made For Kids’ (MFK) Creator Accelerator program to see if we can’t get my Drawstuffrealeasy channel to be a little bit more successful – ( I say a little bit, but I have my eye on the Gold award for 1 million subscribers – I’m one 10% the way there.)

I’ve been doing a bit of thinking and researching the last few days and I realised that all my talking might actually put off a lot of the audience and so I’ve re-edited a video (below) with no talking – after all, a huge number of the YouTube audience don’t speak English – a large percentage of my viewers live in India!

It will be interesting to see what happens to this video compared with the one with audio description – and a colour thumbnail.

I need to radically alter my mindset. Luckily there are some amazing people lined up to teach us (a cohort of 25 in UK USA & Canada) all about Made for kids channels.

California brought in a law in 2019 that turned everything upside down for creators who made videos deemed to be made for kids. I sort of lost heart after that. I think I felt I had been cut adrift.

But now I’m feeling quite upbeat. There are 16 weeks ahead of me. I imagine there will be quite a lot of A/B testing, like the videos above, so if you want to chip in and make suggestions, I’ll be glad to hear what you think.