Make perfect artwork for colouring books and sheets

Over on Patreon, Alison asked me about creating clean artwork for colouring books and sheets.

Alison, does not find the experience of drawing on a tablet very satisfying. I don’t either. There is no creative feedback from a plastic nib sliding across a piece of glass.

So how can you draw with ink on paper and then create crisp, clean black and white artwork to make colouring pages?

Use a camera phone or a scanner to “capture the image” then open up an image editing program or app like the GIMP, procreate, Photoshop or Affinity Photo. Find the “Levels” and adjust to get the best black and white image.

If you want to colour the image set the blend mode of the layer to Multiply and colour onto anew layer below. Watch the video – it’s all there!

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