Malvern Spring Gardening Show

[slideshow]We went to the Malvern Spring Gardening Show last Friday. We’ve been going every year for 19 years now. It’s our big day out, usually costing a fortune in plants and garden stuff.

When my arms start aching with plastic bags full of plants, I take them to the car and start again. We leave early so we get a good parking place. Now everyone has foldaway trolleys. The are a complete menace! The peace is broken by the endless turning and scraping of little wheels. People stop to look at stalls and leave their trolleys in the way for you to fall over.

Nineteen years ago it was plants, tools and a bit of garden furniture. Now it’s £8,000 hot tubs and thatched tree house grottoes. The photo shows garden orbs that looked like they would make toy boil inside. I didn’t look to see how much they were. I just don’t get who buys this stuff.

There was one really fun show garden based on Hansel and Gretel. The bird’s nests had chocolate eggs. the roof of the house was made from pieces of toast. The pond was full of Ribena and there were all sorts of little references hidden away in the corners. Great fun.

Can’t wait for next year. I suppose I’d better go and put those plants into the garden before they dry out and die.

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