Recording the Dizzy DIY story time video for iPad

I must be mad doing this, but I really feel that ibooks, because of what they can do, should have added value, additional content. I’m trying adding a story reading in a video at the end. As this is a reader – with which I want children to learn to read, I’m not adding audio as you read or bouncy letters as you read along. I think that is entertainment and hinders the very difficult and and strenuous job of learning to read.

I’m adding another video explaining where the ideas came from and how to make origami paper plates that are featured in the book. ( I always loved the origami pages in Rupert annuals!)

I should probably use a script, but I’m a seat of the pants kind of guy, so you watch the process of building up the right introduction sequence.

In the meantime you can get the Ginger Ninja at the iBook store for your iPad at the following addresses.

UK Store       US Store     Australian Store     Canadadian Store     Irish Store 

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