South Kilworth School

Now I’ve caught up with myself and have a nice plan worked out for my next Olympia story and have recorded and edited the next three videos, I can tell you about my visit to South Kilworth School in Leicestershire last Thursday.

It’s a lovely, old Victorian red brick village school in lovely countryside, not far from the M1 and Lutterworth. I had a wonderful day there visiting the whole school, which only ads up to about 70 something children – but growing by the day – particularly yrs 3 and 4 for some reason. A demographic shift or something I presume.

We did drawing and storytelling and questions and answers all day long. I was shown some drawing by one boy – sorry I forget his name – who had been o my website. They were brilliant drawings too. It’s amazing when I see work done by children who’ve been on my Drawing School. I have this weird moment when I think, “Did I do that?” then I realise it’s a version of my drawing and it’s fascinating to se how each child adds their own style and interpretation. I often learn some thing back.

Thanks for a brilliant day everyone – I hope we met again some day.