Storytime Videos

Let Shoo read you some great stories on these videos

Dark Claw

A huge space saga with Kats and Muss and spaceships and Pirats and heres and danger and thrills and spills and about 18 episodes! See them all here!


Are you brave enough to find out what happens in this terrifying story of animals being brought back to life?

Millie & Bombassa – Dizzy DIY

Bombassa is a lazy but loveable rhino who would rather lie in bed all day, drinking tea and dunking biscuits. Millie is a sweet and sensible bird who want’s Bombassa to buck up his ideas. Together they make a great pair. Yikes! Auntie Daz is coming for tea, but Bombassa’s only chair is very wobbly. It’s time for a bit of DIY – but soon the chair is wobblier than ever!
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Bluebeard’s Cat

Are you brave enough to watch this scary tale from my Scaredy Cats series? More info here:

Click this link to learn how to draw Bluebeard’s Cat

SuperDad A great story for Dad’s and Lads to share

Click here to see videos showing you how to draw superDad super lettering and how to draw SuperDad for a great Father’s day card