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Are you a frustrated artist?


I had a message from a Graphic Design student in Paris. They really want to be an illustrator and there is not enough drawing on the graphic design course, which only uses illustration within design projects.

As I was wondering what to advise, I saw a video by @willterryart called called “Artists should always have a personal project” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgjHCC0sr3w

It got me thinking. Life takes you down may routes and sometimes you might wish you had chosen a different path. Sometimes, if you are in a really bad or dangerous place, you need to stop and start again immediately, but generally, going back and trying another route doesn’t get you very far either. You can just sit down and cry, but that doesn’t help much.

It’s generally best to forge ahead and do the very best you can, learning all you can along the way. At the same time, have your personal project. If you want to be an illustrator, then draw ever day – all day – in every spare minute. then bring what you learn into the part of your work you find less interesting and do that to the best of your ability.

If you are stuck in a place, work so well, putting in love and enthusiasm to your work, so that you outgrow the situation you are in. It’s amazing how opportunities come to such people, because opportunity likes to work with hard working and talented people.

Your degree qualification will mean nothing in the big, wide world. You will be judged on the quality of your work, ideas and personal vision. So get working on that and others will start working to advance your career. Everyone loves a winner and everyone loves to be a part of their success.

Good luck to you all, but you won’t need it if you work hard and do in your own time what burns inside you. Luck only comes to those who have already prepared the ground.

How to know what to draw – (when you don’t know what to draw!)


YouTuber George Owens asked me to make a video about how to come up with drawing ideas. Watch this video to see what I think will give you ideas.

If you really can’t think of anything, just do one from my channels on YouTube – I have well over a thousand videos to choose from!

Otherwise you need to fill up on ideas. You should be bursting to the seams with ideas! You get ideas by doing stuff and learning stuff at museums and galleries through book and the web – try watching interesting stuff upon TV instead of celebrity nonsense!

Always have a sketchbook on the go – even when you are watching TV!

Help! What to do if you lose your sketchbook!


YouTuber @mogutty told me they had some artwork stolen from an exhibition when they were 12. Since they that have not used a sketchbook in case they lose it.

I think that they were probably told a story when they were 12 and have let that ruin their lives ever since.

Firstly make sure your name and address and email is in the book so people can send it back to you. Moleskines have this printed on the inside cover and suggest a reward for finding and returning. Most people will understand how precious it is to you and return it anyway, if they can.

Secondly, try a smaller book, with fewer pages. Then if you lose it you haven’t lost too much.

Either way, a sketchbook is for fun, for reference. Don’t take it too seriously, it’s not a michaelangelo, it’s the preparatory work for your masterpiece.

Don’t create excuses that stop you getting on with the real work of learning how to draw. You can only do that by drawing and a sketchbook is a great place to do all that practice in.