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Teaching Artificial Intelligence to draw!

Qyuiute by accident, I came accross quickdraw.withgoogle.com  It’s a site where you are asked to draw a specific thing in under 20 seconds, while the Aretificial Intelligence program behind the site, which seems to be voiced by the man with the Britain’s Got Talent voice, tries to guess what you have drawn based on what it has learned already from previous attempts.

The best bit is that you can see over 50 million versions of the drawings, all of them animated, so you can build up an idea of how people see things, how they draw them and, I suppose, what they expect from a simple drawing!

I’m going to be using this a lot for research. Already it has suggested to me to try two different ways of drawing a camera real easy, which I will be trying oiut on DrawStuffRealEasy soon.

Of course, while you are having fun doing this and playing the game, you are, in fact, a pawn in the even greater game being played by Google who are training their AI systems that will likely put you out of work in the next five years and probably wipe out humanity with a sharpie pen isoon after that.

In the meantime they will solve cancer and climate change and will have uinified the theories of physics.

Keep on doodling… the end of the world as we know it is nigh! ?

Screenshot 2020-01-12 at 12.08.50.png