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Censorship – why iBooks will fail

iBooks will fail because Apple are censoring content. When you upload a book to the iBook store it sits there for days and weeks waiting to be reviewed so it can go live.

I understand Apple want to keep the technical side of iOs clean and tight – that’s why we love it and trust it, but a technical review for iOs safety standards can be done in microseconds. YouTube does it a million times a day.

What Apple are actually doing is getting a small number of people to read the books and decide if they are the sort of thing they want to have on their platform. I think that’s called censorship – and that is the reason iBooks will fail.

By all means police the viruses and sloppy programming, but don’t police the content. In a few months time the Amazon Kindle Fire will be almost as good as the iPad and their version of iBooks author will be almost as good, just the same way that pc’s were almost as good as Apples. Almost is what most people will accepts ok at the right price.

The Fire will become the tablet and reader of choice, because you will be able to read what you like, when you like and not have to wait for the Goons at apple to decide if your grown up enough to read it yet.

I feel apple are loosing their grip again and Steve’s not going to come and save them again 🙁

The Ginger Ninja is live in the iBooks store

Hooray! The Ginger Ninja iBook is Live on the iBooks Store! I thought I was waiting for approval from Apple, but I finally found out that there were issues with the book I’d uploaded. After a bit of faffing about, I worked out what the problem was and the book is now live and can be bought for only £1.49 or $1.99.

If you are thinking of buying a copy, get one soon as that helps give the book a good start. You can get the Ginger Ninja at the iBook store for your iPad at the following addresses.

UK Store       US Store     Australian Store     Canadadian Store     Irish Store 

Ginger Ninja on the iPad – how’s it going?

I forgot to post the last two videos about the ginger ninja on iPad. So here they are. The first one is on the bottom and explains about getting ISBN numbers are my thoughts on where the Kindle is at the moment.

The second video is on top and it takes us to the point where I pressed the button to publish the book. I can’t tell you how excited I was and how frustrating it has been for the last week waiting for Apple to approve the work and make it go live in the Ibooks store.

I have now started work on my second book which is called dizzy DIY and is the first iBook in the Millie and Bombassa series that I will be publishing on Ibooks. These stories have been incredibly popular in libraries and are my most borrowed books. So I hope people are going to enjoy them on iPad.

As you will see from the video on enhancing the books with built in video showing you how to draw Ginger and a video explaining where I got the inspiration for the book. The next books in the series will also have videos and I’m exploring iBook printing so that I can add cut out masks and colouring sheets.

I’ve thought long and hard about whether to include audio or video of me reading the book but I decided that these books are the kind of books that children learn to read with and they will just end up playing the videos and never reading the words if I give them the opportunity. Sorry kids tough luck! 🙂