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Drawing Skyscrapers with Sarah Silverwood Taylor


Drawing-SkyscrapersIn Part Two of my series of Videos with Sarah Taylor Silverwood, we go to the top of the New public library and look out on the rooftops of Birmingham and draw the tall buildings in front of us, while discussing ideas and drawing techniques.

Sarah is preparing for a residency in Chicago where she will be drawing really tall buildings. Sarah told me that her fascination with tall buildings comes from brooding images of Superman, Batman and other superheroes, sitting on the roofs of buildings surveying the cities they look after. Are they Guardian angels or voyeurs?!!

In this video Sarah explains how she uses tracing paper to build layers and add depth to her drawings.

I’d like to congratulate Sarah on becoming a board member of DACS today, It’s the artists’ rights and collection agency organisation in the UK – as I said in there last video – making waves! Find out more about Sarah here: http://www.sarahsilverwood.com

Sarah uses:

Seawhite A5 Artists travel journal sketchbook – the one I use too –

Sharpie Magnum – in the UK and in the US

Chalk pen in the Uk and In the US

Uni Pen Fineliners – Get them in the UK

Sakura Pigma Micron Pens – get them here in the UK and here in the US

and Copic Ciao markers – get them here in the UK and here in the US

Drawing the City with Sarah Taylor Silverwood


click to enlarge - ©Sarah Taylor Silverwood

click to enlarge – ©Sarah Taylor Silverwood

Last week I visited Birmingham, England’s second city, where I met up with Sarah Taylor Silverwood, an artist who is making a bit of a name for herself in the world of drawing. We spent the day talking about drawing buildings and cities, just before she goes off to Chicago to start drawing that famous city. Find out more about Sarah here: http://www.sarahsilverwood.com

In this video Sarah explains how she uses tracing paper to build layers and add depth to her drawings. I’m sorry about the sound – I had a failing battery but I’ve done my best to reduce the noisy children in the background!

Sarah Uses these pens in the drawing of Birmingham.

Are you a Frustrated Artist? – Here’s some advice

Are-You-A-Fruistrated-ArtistsmlI had a message from a Graphic Design student in Paris last week. They really want to be an illustrator and there is not enough drawing on the graphic design course, which only uses illustration within design projects.

As I was wondering what to advise, I saw a video by @willterryart called called “Artists should always have a personal project

It got me thinking. Life takes you down may routes and sometimes you might wish you had chosen a different path. Sometimes, if you are in a really bad or dangerous place, you need to stop and start again immediately, but generally, going back and trying another route doesn’t get you very far either. You can just sit down and cry, but that doesn’t help much.

It’s generally best to forge ahead and do the very best you can, learning all you can along the way. At the same time, have your personal project. If you want to be an illustrator, then draw ever day – all day – in every spare minute. then bring what you learn into the part of your work you find less interesting and do that to the best of your ability.

If you are stuck in a place, work so well, putting in love and enthusiasm to your work, so that you outgrow the situation you are in. It’s amazing how opportunities come to such people, because opportunity likes to work with hard working and talented people.

Your degree qualification will mean nothing in the big, wide world. You will be judged on the quality of your work, ideas and personal vision. So get working on that and others will start working to advance your career. Everyone loves a winner and everyone loves to be a part of their success.

Good luck to you all, but you won’t need it if you work hard and do in your own time what burns inside you. Luck only comes to those who have already prepared the ground.

If you wonder what this post is doing on a children’s book author’s site, then I wonder the same thing too. I’m planning to split my efforts across two sites soon. one will be more aimed at drawing, professional and personal development nad this will return to children’s books.