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Learn how to draw Seaweed


SeaweedsmallContinuing the August at the seaside theme, here is a video showing how to draw seaweed.

YouTuber Cindy Jenks, asked me if it is Sargassum muticum, the invasive species from Japan. My reply was that I hoped so as that might make the video go viral!

Of course it’s not any particular type of seaweed. It has bladders so it is a kind of bladderwrack, but the video is mainly to show you how to build up the shape from simple lines.

How to draw a Beach Hut


Learn to draw and paint a beach hut in watercolour. This is the second video in my August at the seaside theme, which I hope you are enjoying? let me know in the comments what other things I should be making seaside drawing videos about.

In case you don’t know I’m offering a great prize this month for the drawing I like best that is based and inspired by my August at the seaside videos.

You can find out more about the prize here.

And you can post your drawings here.