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Sweet Little Baby Boo! – Try before you buy

Click the baby’s tummy to start!

Well here you are! An online version of Sweet Little Baby Boo! for you to play with before you buy it. Now available on the itunes app store to download to your iphone or ipod touch. Have fun!

[swfobj src=”https://www.shoorayner.com/sweetlittlebaby/images/SweetLittleBabyBooonlineversion.swf” height=”469″ width=”241″]

What is an app worth?

Only 59p or 99¢ - That's half a bag of jelly Babies!

I was looking at the iTunes App Store the other day and was surprised by some of the comments people leave about the apps they have bought.

While they might like the app, they often complain about the price – always wanting more functionality. Most complaints go to the lowest tier price apps available – 59p or 99¢. As an app developer, you can’t charge any less. Those who comment obviously have no idea the amount of work that goes into producing and app. At 59p or 99¢, most developers will be lucky to cover their costs..

So what is 59p or 99¢ worth? I’m not sure what you can get in the States, but I found prices online here for half a bag of jelly babies, a tin of Heinz chilli beans or a non brand pot of organic baby food.

Half a bag of jelly babies only produces hyperactive children, whereas Sweet Little Baby Boo! provides entertainment, baby-level storytelling, repetition, original artwork, animation and music and a baby’s first introduction to IT, all for a third of a glass of beer.

The trouble is that there is so much out there for free but, as we all know, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Free software always comes with a message from the sponsor. Do you want to have your children’s every moment bombarded by advertising?

Go on! Treat a baby today to Sweet Little Baby Boo! – Many adults find themselves strangely hypnotised by this app too! Children love repetition and babies thrive on it. Sweet Little Baby Boo! is one of those gifts that go on giving!