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Embed my videos on your blogs and website

Please feel free to embed my videos into your blog and website pages. (Obviously there are some sites I’d rather you didn’t put me on and I think you know which!)

How to do it?Click that little sideways “V” shape on the progress bar at the bottom of the video, then click into and copy all the embed text. Ten, all you need to do is paste it into your website or blog and you are done.

What do you want to read on this blog?

Since my friend, Andrew Taylor, suggested I enter the Author Blog Awards I’ve been thinking about this blog. Looking at other blogs that give tips about blogging, I found one that gives the advice, “ask your readers what they want.”

So, are you bothered? Is there something I do on my blog that you like that you’d like to see more of? Or shall I just carry on blundering away writing the first thing that comes into my head?

VOTE FOR ME! Book prizes up for grabs

If you like my blog, please vote for me in the Author Blog Awards 2010.

There are book prizes to be won by those who nominate, so it could be you!

Click here or on the badge on the left to go to the nomination site. Good luck and wish me luck too. Nominations carry on until the 2nd of April.

P.S. ask all your friends to nominate too, please… pretty please!