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Millie and Bombassa Story

I’ve been working on getting my Learn English Through Story Channel sorted out. For some reason my channel name didn’t work properly, but my YouTube channel Manager, Lynda, seems to have got it sorted out.

Bombassa is a lazy but loveable rhino who would rather lie in bed all day, drinking tea and dunking biscuits. Millie is a sweet and sensible bird who want’s Bombassa to buck up his ideas. Together they make a great pair. 

Yikes! Auntie Daz is coming for tea, but Bombassa’s only chair is very wobbly. It’s time for a bit of DIY – but soon the chair is wobblier than ever!

” Funny with great pictures”

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Learn how to colour in Bombassa!

ColourInBombassaSmallMillie and Bombassa are on the iTunes Store.
This video shows you how to colour-in Bombassa the loveable rhino that is the hero of Shoo’s Millie and Bombassa books.

Learn how to draw Bombassa here:

Watch Shoo tell a Bombassa story here: