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Dragon Trilogy – Half Price Sale! – Free P&P (UK)

Grab Yourself a Firefly Bargain

For the next 2 days of January, my dragon trilogy books are on sale for HALF PRICE! only on the Firefly Press Website.

This is a real bargain, especially when you hear that postage and packing are completely free in the UK!

That is an offer you just can’t miss.

Ever wondered about Tân, the dragon, and how he cam to be living with Harri and how his whole world was turned upside down because he owned a real, fire-breathing dragon?

Tân is the Welsh word for fire. The trilogy roams across Snowdonia, from the fictitious St. Gertrudes – Based of Holywell, where my grandmother was born and raised – to Dinas Emrys – the fabled stronghold of Merlin the Magician. Are all the old prophecies coming true? Surely they are just old stories!

Here are the direct links:

Dragon Gold

Dragon White 

Dragon Red
While you are there, you can fill your basket up with other brilliant and award-winning books form Firefly.

Get my Dragon Trilogy Half Price – January Sale!

From now until the 17th January, Firefly have an online sale and you can get my books at Half Price! Here’s the link http://www.fireflypress.co.uk/catalog/2  You can also pick up bargain copies other firefly author books too! Don’t wait or you’ll be too late!

Choose from recent MG hits, The Jewelled Jaguar by Sharon Tregenza, Gaslight by Eloise Williams, Alex Sparrow and the Really Big Stink, by Jennifer Killick or Carnegie-nominated Aubrey and the Terrible Ladybirds by Horatio Clare.
Try other Dragonfly books for younger readers, such as Lollies 2017 shortlisted Thimble Monkey Superstar and Thimble Holiday Havoc by Jon Blake, Grace Ella, Spells for Beginners by Sharon Marie Jones, Mr Mahli’s Shed and a ghost named Dylan by Laura Sheldon