Drawing with boxes – Wednesday Drawing Show Episode #5 2012

Join us on the Wednesday Drawing Show – where today we have 100% extra Judy!

It’s at 2:00pm UK time which is 9:00am Boston or 18:00 in Abu Dhabi.

Be there or be square – or should that be cubed?

When you learn to draw boxes, you learn the basic concepts of perspective, shade and form. The beauty of boxes is that so much of what is man-made is essentially a box. once you can draw boxes easily and with confidence it is a simple step to “clothe” them with a skin that might be a computer, a smartphone, a cereal packet or a building.


Drawing Boxes – Part 1

If you have done some practice work, drawing triangles and turning them into prisms, and feel you can now draw prisms, then Squares, Cubes and Boxes should be quite easy for you. Like the triangle, a square is made from points connected by lines. You don’t have to be accurate! All four sides should be of equal length and each corner should be 90 degrees, but this isn’t a geometry lesson – just draw something that feels square to you. boxes1To draw a cube, start drawing a second square with one corner placed in the middle of the first. Then join up the corners of both the squares. This is called a wireframe diagram. WireframesTwo wireframe drawings, alongside each other, both look the same. But if you erase the lines that you wouldn’t be able to see, if it were a solid object, you’ll see one cube appears to go up and the other appears to go down. Some people find it hard to see one cube when their eye has locked onto the other. Keep drawing and playing with wireframes to help your eye and brain get used to “seeing” the different aspects of 3D in the one drawing. We are tricking and teaching the eye into believing it is a 3D representation. The eye wants to be fooled, so we need to learn the tricks that are the vocabulary of drawing that the eye can read and understand. Task: Practice drawing wireframe cubes this way. One corner of the second square will be in the middle of the first square. Then join the four corners together to make a wireframe drawing of a cube. The index for this course is here.


Drawing 101 – how to draw cubes

Some people think they are easy to draw – others think they are really hard. Either way cubes are the
building blocks of drawing and if you can really get a hang of drawing them, then you are building solid foundations for your drawing skills.

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