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Axel Storm Book 2 finished

Axel Storm PictureWell, that’s the second book of Axel Storm finished. Phew! Off to the Post office with it tomorrow and away it goes to My Publishers, Orchard, in London.
One more story to write, which I really must get down to this week. But I’m off to visit a school near Caerphilly tomorrow and on Wednesday I’m going to have a fab day with “my class” (that’s Rowan Class at Whitchurch School in Herefordshire), who are going off to visit a school in Handsworth in inner city Birmingham tomorrow. The Handsworth School are coming to Whitchurch on Wednesday and we are going to spend the day in their Forest School, having campfires and such like. Should be fascinating to see what the children that live in totally different areas make of each others lives!