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How to draw the first Wise Man

Draw-the-first-wise-mansmlToday’s Character for the Nativity is Mary. If you want to make the stable and see all there other characters go here.

If it’s all too much for you, You Can buy the pdf download with black and white stable and characters already for you to colour in and make and also the whole thing already coloured in so all you have to do is print, cut out and make.

Download and printout your own Navity now!

How to draw the Mistletoe Pattern

Mistletoe is a parasite that grows on trees, most famously on apple trees. The ancient druids revered Mistletoe, which they grew in sacred groves and harvested with golden sickles.

These days, Mistletoe is a part of a traditional British Christmas. The tradition is that you may kiss who you like if they are standing under the mistletoe. This quaint belief can cause lots of embarrassment at Office parties! The berries are very sticky. The seeds stick to the beaks of the birds that eat them. The birds wipe their beaks on tree branches where the seeds stick to the bark. Mistletoe grows it’s roots into the heart of the wood and lives on the sap of the tree. Lazy, but seasonally beautiful!

The video shows you how to make a Mistletoe pattern. It’s not quite how mistletoe grows in real life, but it makes a pleasing pattern and most people would never know the difference! After you have watched the video, click the how-to picture and print your own how-to sheet with instructions for making the Mistletoe pattern.