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Archimedes – the Man who invented the Death Ray

Archimedes lived over 2,000 years ago in Syracuse on the island of Sicily.

He was a mathematician, astronomer, physicist, engineer and inventor.

Many of his great inventions came about while defending Syracuse when it came under attack from the Romans.

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The leader of the Roman army was Marcus Claudius Marcellus. Eventually Marcellus won the war. Archimedes died in the Siege of Syracuse, even though Marcellus had given strict orders that Archimedes should be captured alive. Marcellus admired the genius and knew that he had more invention to offer the world. Who knows how history may have changed if Archimedes had lived to live the rest of his life in peaceful study and contemplation?

In this book, Marcus Claudius Marcellus looks back on his life and explains to his young son exactly why Archimedes was possibly the cleverest person that ever lived.

Here are a few videos that show you how to draw Archimedes and how to get to grips with drawing circles and spheres, the subjects that fascinated Archimedes so much, a fascination that led him to his greatest invention Pi – the number that lets us work out the circumference of circles and the area of the surface of a sphere.


How to put a square peg into a round hole

How can a square be the same as a circle? Today, in this video, Euclid shows you how with his own version of String Theory – Euclid seems to have thought of almost everything way before anyone else!

In this video we get to grips with angles and come up with a measuring system for them.

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How to draw circles like triangles!

Yes, it’s episode three of my Euclid makes Geometry Fun series continuing on from triangles to show how the angles we learned about las week can turn a possible triangle into a circle! Sounds crazy? Well, watch the video and let Euclid show you how. Let me know what you think of this series – I’m planning on turning it into an ebook and paper book at the end.