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How to draw 9 different designs for coats of arms – blazons

Following on from the previous video, which showed how to draw 6 different shield designs, here are nine different designs to place upon your shield to create your coat of arms.

See the Create your own Coat of Arms Playlist of videos here.

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Creating heraldry videos

Choosing what to draw

Thanks to Blake Wilson, a teacher in Doha Qatar, who contacted me and asked if I might make some videos about creating coats of arms.

One video would be too long and messy to cover it, so I’m making a series of videos on drawstuffreallyeasy this week, and maybe a bit of next week, to cover the subject a bit. See the first one this afternoon at 2 pm uk time.

I’ve hauled in a couple of other videos from my other channel into a playlist called how to create your own coat of arms! Where you can find all the videos collected together.

You will find ad free versions of the videos plus downloadable help sheets on my Patreon Page. Have fun!