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How to draw the World Cup – silly video!

DrawTheWorldCupSmallThis is just a bit of silly fun! I was drinking a cup of tea from my mug, when I realised it had a map of the world printed on it… that made it a world mug. Add a saucer to it so it looks like a cup and you will have world cup! So that’s what I’m going to show you how to draw!

Here is a World Cup Drawings playlist I made on YouTube

More brilliant acting!

Actually it’s rubbish acting I was pretending to be the sound man for the RHExperience’s film at NextUp Creator Camp. I was the sound man, in fact, but I don’t thin they used my recording! The green screen drawings are mine too. It’s a bit weird drawing scenery in a windy garden for a movie that they are making up as they go along! The RHExperience are an improvisational comedy team, go see their site for more weirdness! The Mad French Director is my friend Nicolas Nova, from Paris. You can see more of him here.