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Dans la peau de Martin

I was acting, last week, in a French video made by my new friend Nicolas, who has a youtube channel called danslepeaudemartin – which means in martin’s skin. He leaves each episode open at the end and his viewers decide what will happen next. It’s very French, very stylish and very interesting. you will also see my new friends, the RHExperience, who are an improvisational comedy team from London, who are very talented and are going to go a long way.


What an extraordinary week. I’ve had a camera pointing at me most of the time. Between us we must have had nearly forty cameras, all whirring away, logging and blogging every moment. The Picture is of Emily, who took loads of film and pictures of us during the week, in this case, on the bus to the studio where we filmed hours of stuff that is being edited around Europe as I write.


I am having the most amazing time in London at the YouTube NextUp creator camp.we have sent the last two days holed up in an old pub in Shoreditch that has been turned into a shabby chic wonderland. Each room has about three sets in it and the garden it a wonderfully romantic corner of paradise. It’s a perfect place to make videos. And boy have we been making videos.

Today I’ve been featuring in two Italian videos a Dutch video and a French video too. We have all been collaborating and thinking of wild ways of featuring each other in our videos. It’s really made me think hard about making more collaborative videos.

I have to sign off now as I’ve got to get some editing done and I may well be up all night!